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Pauline Sawaya

Pauline Sawaya


► Awarded the most influential Woman in Business Coaching Lebanon 2020 – Lebanon by AI Global


► Global Business Insights Awards Winner as the Most Dynamic in Corporate Coach Training Solution 2020


► Awarded the 2017 Lebanese HR success story by the University of Balamand.



Pauline Sawaya is a a multiple awards winner passionate woman entrepreneur, who believes that everyone has a voice for a purpose. 

A purpose driven by his/her values, and behaves out of their beliefs. The key is to powerfully align the three so that the passionate spark shines always and performance peaks!


Born to a Lebanese dad and Cypriot mom, and has one sister. Raised in Lebanon, but now relocated to the beautiful island of Cyprus, where she is currently living with her son.


Studied Business Management followed with an MBA in the field. She began her career “at the bottom of the ladder” in Human Resources (HR) and moved up slowly. Resilient and perseverant in a competitive and times ruthless corporate world, where some are trying to pull you down and undermining your capabilities. Holding strategic and very senior positions in the oil & gas industry, telecom, FMCG, Online Intelligence. With positions from Head of HR for multinationals to General Manager.


On a personal level, after a difficult divorce, Pauline is now a proud single mom of an amazing son. Her passion for coaching began here, as she was currently studying for her Coaching diploma during the time of the divorce and this made her journey easier, in addition to her strong support system of family and friends.

“Just like you, I had to juggle my life maintaining several hats at the same time, my career and reputation and my only little toddler at that time, it was a difficult journey but worth every second.”


After more than 27 years in the corporate world, and in 2017 she decided to make the full leap and run her Coaching, Consultancy, Capacity building boutique – SWIFT SHIFT Coaching & Consultancy Ltd which was established in 2011 on a full time basis, in this aiming to raise the bar of personal development & Coaching in the region.

In a couple of years only she was able to build one of the largest community of coaches in the region. In addition to building strategic alliances with change makers and a thriving business and still growing!



Pauline Enables, Empowers, Supports, Mentors and Cheerfully Coach Executives, senior managers, employees and successful individuals to Swift Shift to their highest potential +9.

She also hosts the BABE talks which is an invitation for Women to be more Bold, Authentic, Bad Ass , Empowered and Empowering where she hosts women who made it to share their stories and help other women by sharing in the end an action point or a nugget advice to break the stigma and become more intellectually Attractive than Sexually attractive. 

Her passion is taking the self development world to the next level & empowering the corporate world & the individuals to Swift Shift from where they are TODAY to where they want to be +9.
Has extensive experience in Coaching/Capacity building & Mentorship over 4500hours of Coaching alone, Human Capital, strategies, structural change, team building, Mentoring and leadership....

Pauline holds a Bachelors & Master’s degree in Business Management from Notre Dame University as well as 2 Coach Certifications from Erickson Canada, is a Change Coach from CCI, Master NLP Practitioner by the American Board of NLP, Time Line Therapy & Hypnotherapist Practitioner, Senior Trainer, Mentor Coach, Laughter Yoga Leader & Firewalker... A trainer & expert at Saint Joseph University Lebanon as well as the other well known universities

Pauline is the First Accredited Master Coach by the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring, UK in the region.

Pauline is a mentor at the Blessings Foundation for Women empowerment, Mentor at the Challenge to Change, IAPC&M Master Coach, Member of the Women Leaders Council of Lebanon, Member of International Women Connected London, Member of SEAL Cyprus, Founding Member of the Business Professional Women English Chapter in Limassol/Cyprus, Vice President of Cyprus International Women of Today -CIWOT .... She is a senior expert at several top universities in the region

Pauline’s Motto:
“It is what it is, and it’s up to You to make the best out of what is” 

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