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NLP & Neuroencoding for Coaches

NLP & Neuroencoding for Coaches


This program is all about understanding the mind, our subconscious, and how by understanding our mind we can succeed in life , all this through NLP

NLP is unrevealing the secrets of the mind and getting to learn the secrets of Communication, self esteem, and the personal success formula in life and business.

Neuroencoding is taking your skills to the next level with deeper techniques that create long lasting change

Over 24 hours of Accredited CPD training covering 

Learning Models

NLP Pillars

Beliefs of Excellence

Adjusting Negative Beliefs

NLP Communication models

neuroencoding techniques

the stop strategy 

And many other tools...

This Module can be taken with the Success Coaching Program or a stand alone program to learn the tools of NLP and how to implement them in Personal and Business Life

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