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Be in the Plan


Be in the Plan

If you don’t know where you are heading, you will head NOWHERE and super fast! So time to start making a plan starts today!

Some of us are really good at writing their stories, where as others not that good at setting goals and sticking to them under the big alibi that there is no time and I am super busy.

A mindset shift needs to happen about “busyness” in general and really accept the fact that we do have enough time.

A lot of people tell me you must be really busy, I don’t want to disturb you and so on, well

I am productive yes and I do have time to have a relevant phone call, and a meaningful conversation and quality time with my son as well as Free time, so I really have enough time… and you do too 🙂

Why, because if you want to have time you need to make the time and now it is the perfect time to start.

It is really not about being busy it is about knowing what is important for you.

It’s not about what I should do, rather what I want to do and how to overcome the urges of the moment.

In order to do that, you need for example once a week on Sunday do a full download of all your unfinished business, work, personal things you want to do, empty everything on a piece of paper, all of it.

Then once you have done so, BREATHE then start listing the obstacles that you might face, because when you know the obstacles you will find ways to overcome them.

Fourth look at your list and cross all the items that you don’t have to do because you don’t want to do them, YES we are creatures of Choice and you have the choice to channel your focus on what is important for you to do,

Those important things prioritize them by when it needs to be done, what is the most important and then TRANSFER them to your CALENDAR..

Even plan your free time on your calendar, this is pure freedom of being in the Plan rather than being Reactive.

What other ways you use to be in state of Planning instead of a state of Panic, share them in the comments below and feel free to share if you think any of the above ideas could help someone shift his/her state from panic to being in the plan….

To your Best Everyday

Pauline P Sawaya

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